Gerald Miller: DWI Super Lawyer

Minneapolis DWI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney

A Super Lawyer with over 30 years of experience, Gerald Miller has helped over 10,000 people – and counting – with DWI and DUI-based criminal defense cases in Minnesota and Minneapolis.

At Gerald Miller, we understand that regular people make mistakes. It’s a fact of life that all of us make mistakes. When it comes to criminal charges for DWI and DUI in Minneapolis, the consequences can cause devastating effects for everyone involved – but that doesn’t mean your life is ruined.

Thanks to our 30 years of experience, our professional and award-winning Minnesota DWI Attorneys understand how frightening and difficult it can be for anyone faced with a criminal charge.

At Gerald Miller, we set out four objectives for every individual we deal with.

  • We are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We will give you our personal attention making sure you understand as we guide you through each and every step of the way.
  • We are on your side diligently protecting your rights.
  • You will always come first.

If you are facing DWI or criminal charges there are serious consequences you need to be concerned about. Our Minneapolis DWI Lawyer Gerald Miller is here to serve you.

However, many things can be done to combat or minimize these charges.

Therefore, it is very important that you contact an experienced attorney as quickly as possible. With our 30 years of experience you can have complete confidence that we will fight hard to accomplish the best results possible for you.

Why Gerald Miller?

Unlike general practice firms that divide their time between several different practice areas, we focus exclusively on criminal defense. Our firm provides you with the experience and deep understanding of the law you need to help get you through these difficult times.

With over 30 years experience and tireless dedication to serving his clients, Gerald Miller has gained the reputation as a premier attorney in his area of practice, as well as the trust and respect of other attorneys who often refer clients to him. Numerous attorneys who presently practice law received their training and experience while working with Gerald Miller.

Gerald Miller has achieved recognition as “Super Lawyer,” “The Top 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys,” and “Who’s Who in Criminal Defense”.

Contact Gerald Miller, PA now at 612-341-9080 or use our contact form and let us help you.

Experience is your peace of mind.